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Types of Wood & Colors

White/Ivory (often laminate)

Pros - Least expensive, Makes room look larger, Easy, Timeless look.

Cons - May show more dirt and scuffs.


Pro - Oak is a durable hardwood with a fairly uniform, open-grain that ranges in color from white or yellow to red. Less expensive than maple and cherry.

Con - Lots of grain - make sure you like the look. Fake wood laminate is often made to look like oak - this makes it look cheaper.


Pros - Least expensive wood, rustic look.

Cons - Soft wood, can dent easily, can have knots (make sure you like the look).


Pros - Hard wood, minor variations in grain.

Cons - Can look fuzzy/out of focus on veneer.


Pros - Hard wood, beautiful grain.

Cons - MAJOR variations in color (reds and yellows) - make sure you see it in large quantity (not just a door sample) if you're considering this in natural or light stain, also it's one of the most expensive types of wood.


Pros - less expensive than cherry.

Cons - lots of variation of lights and darks - make sure that's what you like.

Dark Stain

Pro - Timeless, classic look.

Con - If you're considering a dark stain, be aware it may chip and show the lighter wood underneath. It also shows dust and scratches.


Please note: We did our best to obtain wood samples that show the natural color. But remember - the nature of wood is that it has variations. Also, each wood variety will look different depending upon the stain you choose.


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