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The Pros and Cons of Sink and Countertop Materials

Ceramic Sinks – Plain or decorative vitreous china, or custom-made pottery sinks.

Pros – Low moisture absorption, easy to clean, keeps color well, many styles, shapes, colors and designs to choose from, plain is very affordable, pottery gives a custom look.

Cons – Can chip or crack. Pottery, freestanding, and decorative sinks can be pricey.


Stainless Steel – Quality and cost depend on gauge and nickel content. Smaller gauge numbers are thicker, but cost more. High nickel content gives the sink a smoother, shinier look.

Pros – Durable, easy to maintain, better quality (18 gauge) resists water spots, dents and scratches, thinner is readily available and very affordable.

Cons – Thinner stainless (22 gauge) is easily dented and shows scratches more easily.


Enameled Steel – Resembles cast iron, but thinner.

Pros – Lightweight, thin.

Cons – Enamel finish can chip easily or crack.


Enameled Cast Iron

Pros – Thickness gives solid look, affordable, easy to clean, chip-resistant and available in a wide range of colors.

Cons – Heavy – Countertop may need extra support, do-it-yourselfers may need extra hands to install. Colors and special shapes can be pricey.


Cast Polymer – Cultured Marble, Granite or Onyx

Pros – Looks like stone, but comes in various shapes for themed decor, affordable. Integrated sink and countertop eliminates the need to use caulking (which can get moldy).

Cons – Top gel coat may crack and burn, doesn’t hold shine well, especially on darker colors.


Solid Surface – Acrylic or Polyester Resins (such as Corian®)

Pros – Stain resistant, lots of colors, durable. Pieces can be fused to integrate sink into countertop or make custom shapes and designs.

Cons – Must be installed by licensed professional or warrantee is voided. Integrated designs can be expensive.


Other Materials – Stone (Marble, Granite, Soapstone), Metal (Copper, Brass), Glass

Pros – Create a custom look.

Cons – Expensive to very expensive, metals high maintenance to keep new-looking, glass can crack or chip, stone can scratch.


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